About Wens

I’m Wens and I just settled back into a real house in Minnesota after five years  in a tiny house – an Airstream travel trailer. The experience was a journey of a lifetime. But I also learned how to cook a great vegetarian diet without a lot of kitchen appliances and fancy foods and waste.

You may not live in a travel trailer but you and I both live on a small planet.

The best thing we can do — individually — to nurse our planet back to health is to give up meat. If you need to know why, read this. Let’s face it, this is hard for most people because we’re creatures of habit. But every day our choices affect the world. Will you cause an animal pain and suffering and support the cruel factory farming industry? That hot dog on your plate is also going to shorten your life.  Giving up meat is a  powerful individual act.

I’m here to help by sharing my recipes, good news about our food, opportunities for activism, and other ways to live a greener life. It’s never been easier to make responsible choices.

And by the way, my husband is NOT a vegetarian by choice (he calls himself “an opportunistic eater”).  I will only share recipes that he liked.

So let’s get started!



  1. Want to thank you for your recipe, one pot inside out burrito. I’m always looking for a healthy recipe for my family. We are meat eaters, like your husband and substituted chicken for main protein of meal. I didn’t think I could try to make cauliflower a substitute for rice again, but you proved me wrong with your recipe. Please keep sharing your creations. I use to eat soy as a protein, but due to health reasons, I was advised to occasionally use it in my meals. Love your blog. Thank you.


    1. Hi Kira,
      Thanks for your comment! I am glad you had success with a couple of the recipes. This kind of encouragement is so valuable. It’s time for me to resume sending recipes to the site.
      Best wishes, Wendy


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