Why I Gave Up Meat

Eight years ago, I gave up meat for good.

It was Thanksgiving. I was dressing a turkey. I realized this clammy thing of skin, muscle and bone was once a living, breathing sentient creature. It lived a life, albeit a short and unhappy one. It had a brain. It felt fear. Were it still in the wild, it would have roamed free, enjoyed sunlight and fresh air, would have had a mate and felt affection, would have taken care of its young. But it never got a chance to have any quality of life because it was a commodity, not a living being, to the meat industry. One day it was murdered after the end of a long a terrifying ride. If it was lucky, it was killed quickly. If not, it may have lingered, terrified, slowly dying. As I reached into its dead body to remove its heart, liver, and kidneys, the severed neck, and globs of fat that bobbed in the chest cavity, I could smell the blood.

I ask myself, why am I eating this? Why am I feeding this to my family? Why am I eating other sentient beings at all? I am not a dinosaur. We do not need to rend the flesh of other creatures anymore. The choice to eat meat is purely elective. There are plenty of other food sources that do not involve cruelty.

So yes, disgust started me on this path. But reading about meat production and its effect on the environment sealed the deal.

While most of my friends talk about trying to live a greener life by riding their bikes, recycling, and using less energy, unfortunately meat is still a taboo subject. They will vigorously defend their meat-eating even though they know that giving it up would be the single most powerful thing they could do for their health and the environment.

It’s only a matter of time before we have to stop eating meat. August 8 of this year was when the planet used up all the resources needed to keep the earth’s people alive for a year. That means another 5 months worth of food, water, sewage treatment and environmental degradation is needed through New Year’s Eve.   Where will it come from?

Everyone needs to help. Plus you’ll gain seven new benefits!

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