Airstream Building Rolling Offices


For the past few years Nick and I have used our 28-foot 2011 Airstream as an office and a residence. We are print and online advertising and content field producers (in addition to bloggers) so we move every few weeks to a new site and work with the new establishment and their community supporters. To see inside of our current Airstream, see bottom of this post.

Our live/work arrangement has a lot to be desired since our Airstream is not configured for business but is a rolling vacation cottage.

So it was with great joy that I read about students at Ohio-based Columbus College of Art and Design and their Airstream office prototype that caught the eye of Ohio-based Airstream management. There are probably tons of people who would like one of these — it’s a brilliant concept and we’re so happy to hear that Airstream will be running with it. Can’t wait to see what rolls off the assembly line.

Here’s a quick movie about the rolling office project from Airstream:

Stories in the Columbus Dispatch news:

Our Airstream’s interior configuration:



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