Fresh Peppermint Iced Tea


My game is off because of this darn cold, so my measly menus have been confined to things like miso soup, frozen pizza and yoghurt. But thanks to my friends Bruce and Michele and Myrlah Olson in Stillwater, I travel with a big pot of Minnesota peppermint (from Bruce and Michele’s garden) and have the world’s simplest recipe for peppermint tea (from Myrlah) to share. This refreshing cold tea is such a pleasure to drink, sick or healthy, but especially sick. I just can’t get enough of it and am now trying to clone this plant by sticking sprigs in soil and glasses of water so it grows faster into new plants. The other day I bought a packet of fresh mint at the supermarket (that comes in those little plastic cases), thinking I could just cheat, and was disappointed that the “mint” was spearmint. Not quite the same.


Peppermint tea, by the way, is supposed to improve digestion, reduce pain, eliminate inflammation, relax the body and mind, cure bad breath, aid in weight loss and boost the immune system.

Anyway, here’s the world’s shortest recipe for delicious peppermint iced or hot tea if you have peppermint, or don’t mind the taste of spearmint (warning: I tried catmint – would not suggest you try it).

Peppermint Iced or Hot Tea

You need: Clean 1 quart Mason jar or other glass jar with a tight fitting lid, filtered water (I use water from a Britta water filtration pitcher), fistful of peppermint sprigs, leaves still on stems, washed so residual grit is removed.

How to: Boil a pot or kettle of filtered water.

Put peppermint sprigs in Mason jar and pour boiling water over them to fill the jar. Screw on lid. Allow to sit for 24 hours, preferably in the sun.

Remove lid and taste. This isn’t rocket science so you might need to give it a little more time or add some more mint. But probably it will have infused the water nicely. Remove sprigs. Put jar in fridge to make it nice and cold.


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