US Govt Acts as Tax Collector for Meat Industry

I am no tea partier, but there is a legitimate beef (forgive me) on some of our government’s expenditures. Case in point: oil subsidies.



Another case in point: the US government collecting fees on behalf of the meat and dairy industries so that they can use the money to promote their products. Yes, those “It’s what’s for dinner” and “The other white meat” campaigns are facilitated by bureaucrats paid by you and me. The money is collected and then redistributed by our government back to the meat and dairy industry associations so they can promote their products. Now where, my friends, is this helping anyone? Meat producers don’t need to advertise. They already have 90% of the market of people who walk upright and eat.


Let’s get a petition going to eliminate this basically taxpayer-enabled activity, especially since the meat industry is responsible for a huge percentage of pollution, global warming, and the horrors of factory farming.

The government’s helping hand to Big Meat and Big Dairy does not extend to vegetable, grain and legume farmers, even agribusiness, let alone small organic operations, who could use it. Just think what they could do with the kind of money doled out to the meat and dairy industry. Like how a plant-based diet will save our lives and our planet?

Good story on this here from NPR.


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